July 13, 2024

Males, beware: there may be, actually, a registry of exes. A rising variety of ladies are utilizing the web site MenSuck.com to catalogue their failed romantic encounters.

The positioning permits ladies to share accounts of horrible companions, nevertheless it prevents posting precise private contact data, so it stops in need of doxing a poor chap.

“Textbook covert narcissist,” as Mira from Naperville, Illinois, places it, describes her associate Mike.

Denver, Colorado resident Kim writes in to inform that her long-term lover Steve was a “pathological liar” and a “easy speaking con artist” who she ultimately found to be each.

The one story about how her ex-boyfriend Kevin from Ohio is a cheater who has genital warts is brief and to the purpose.

Others, like Chicago’s James, give way more in depth accounts of their lives. This ex-Navy SEAL’s actions clearly angered him. She penned an open letter detailing the rocky conclusion to her four-year romance with him.

The positioning’s proprietor assured me that regardless of its identify, it isn’t primarily a spot to hate guys however relatively a spot to empower ladies by offering them with a protected area to debate courting, relationships, and, okay, complain about their exes.

Males Suck creator Tracy Roberts claims that the idea for the ex-boyfriend listing began from a single article about her finest buddy’s ex-husband who cheated on her and left her and her two kids to fend for themselves whereas he attached with a 19-year-old that he discovered on-line. “After posting the story about Doug, folks started writing in to inform me their very own tales about their horrific ex-boyfriends, and I made a decision I actually wanted to supply up a discussion board for anybody who wished to share their expertise. And that’s how the listing of exes got here to be.”

I really feel dangerous for the unlucky schmuck who breaks up with a girl as an ex-boyfriend listing after which discovers MenSuck.com, which now has over 300 posts and is consistently being up to date with new ones. For the straightforward motive that she will be able to now inform everybody every part horrible you’ve ever accomplished to her.

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